100% fermented papaya preparation

All-natural food supplement

10-month Japanese fermentation process

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FPP® is sold under the brand Immun'Âge in other markets (France, Spain, Italy, USA)

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  • 100% natural


    Certified non-GMO papayas. 

    No preservatives nor chemical additives in our composition

  • Safe

    No reported adverse side effects or toxicity after 25 years on the market worldwide

  • Trusted for


    Plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, no added sugar, suitable for people with type 
2 diabetes

  • Quality control


    Two-step QC process 
for extract standardization by amino acid assay 
    and in-vitro antioxidant power measurement

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Why fermented papaya?

The longevity and health benefits of papaya have been known by Asian and native Central American cultures for centuries. 

In Japan, the population has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, partially explained by a diet regularly consisting of fermented foods.

Osato Research Institute (Gifu, Japan) successfully combined the benefits of the Carica papaya and those of fermented foods with their proprietary fermentation process.

This 10-month process ingeniously transforms the fruit into FPP® (Fermented Papaya Preparation).

FPP® has been produced for 25 years by Osato Laboratory Inc. in Japan under the highest quality standards.

It is marketed worldwide, with more than 15 million packets sold annually.

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Scientific research on FPP®

FPP® properties have been clinically demonstrated by more than 50 published studies by scientists and physicians worldwide, including the 2008 Nobel prize in Medicine.

Publications and references available on Medline (PubMed) and at en.ori-japan.com/research/

  • I have been taking FPP® for 5 years now.


I can't do without it!

    - Marie (68) -

  • Very satisfied, I have taken 1 packet / day since mid-December and felt real wellness despite the winter and the lack 
of sun!

    - Anne (47) -

  • I am 72 and I want 
to preserve myself from everything that’s going on.

    Result I'm feeling great!

    - Alain (72) -

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